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Our Pre-Designed Calendars

Our predesigned business calendars offer a more economical option for your promotional calendar. We offer three pre-designed options.

business calendar cover
January month
February month

Animals of Ireland and their babies

Wild birds business calendar cover
Wild birds January month
Wild birds February month

The Greenleaf 2019 Happy Calendar

Customs business calendar cover
Customs January month
Customs February month

Recipe Calendar 2019

recipe business calendar cover
recipe January month
recipe February month

Each promotional calendar is branded and personalized with your business branding details and slogans on a panel at the base, permanently visible to your customers.

Each promotional calendar has it's own theme. They have 12 pages, consisting of the month, accompanied by text and photos related to it's theme. They have "The Stars" for the year, phases of the moon, and also most important dates and holidays are highlighted.

Dimensions are 300mm in width, 260mm in length, including a panel measuring 300mm X 70mm for your business branding.

Please contact us for prices at info@greenleaf.ie